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I really like your interpretation of Tsukishima on Yamaguchi. I want to genuinely believe that Tsukishima cares about him and it's just his issues and their fucked up dynamics that make him come across as uncaring.


To be honest I don’t think I’d call their dynamic as ‘fucked up’. It’s definitely not a perfect one, but still fucked up too big of a word for that.

I think Tsukishima is generally not the kind of person who even CAN show that he cares. Most definitely not in the way of ‘sugawara-senpai-level’, simply because such a behaviour is probably way too overhelming for him and not something he can pull off; and not even on ‘kageyama-level’, because that’s just stupid, for him at least.

Tsukishima is distant, and besides his mocking remarks I don’t think it’s that easy for him to actually communicate with people. And I guess being around Yamaguchi, is as comfortable for Tsukishima as he can possibly be in relationship. Even though it seems so one sided.

If he didn’t care in a slightest, he wouldn’t let Yamaguchi be around him. Kei is not someone who’d take someone’s bullshit on a daily basis with no consequences. 

Either way, I will just lead you to a post that explained it all so much better than I ever will. 


Has anyone noticed how Hinata covers the back of his head while Kageyama’s serving?
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Has anyone noticed how Hinata covers the back of his head while Kageyama’s serving?

When I swam with them, they showed me a sight I’d never seen before, and it made me want to swim again. That’s why this time, I swim for the sake of the friends who saved me. And for the sake of my own dreams, too.

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Imasaku, Tsukiyama.




IMASAKU: oh lord i thought this was a pedals ask abt imaizumi and onoda for like. a good two minutes. imasaku. i do not, generally; they don’t fit either of my ship patterns (mutual challenge; resigned slyth/terrible gryff) and i SEVERELY dislike the portrayal of sakurai in 98% of fic, he is Better Than You and he will do his best to make sure you Know It, apologizing or no apologizing. however, my babe did write a rly RLY excellent bb ficlet about them that is 10/10.

also, i’m astonishingly monoshipper abt wakamatsu/sakurai because i am a big sucker for the terrible gryff/resigned slyth shipping pattern.

TSUKIYAMA: you know, i don’t? not right now, anyway; not where they are now.  mmmm well. mutual pining is definitely a thing but i think yamaguchi’s been…more invested in their friendship than tsuk is? and that…seems ominous to me; i don’t like unbalanced relationships at all, ever, not once. this cap really sums it up:

it’s from yamaguchi’s perspective.  hinata’s looking back at him, and kageyama’s sort of half turned towards him too, but tsuk isn’t even pausing.  if that’s yamaguchi’s perception of tsuk…it doesn’t so much matter how tsuk feels about yamaguchi, then, because clearly he’s not communicating it well.  ’when did you become such a cool guy’ goes a ways towards making it right but. well.

HOWEVER. call me when tsuk cries after losing a game and i will be ALL OVER tsukiyama.

i never noticed that panel but i agree

their friendship is really one-sided at a glance and i think tsukki’s awkward personality comes into play too. he is a sorry excuse of an asshole with pessimistic tendencies. he has a tendency to be contradicting and in denial with himself (based from his attitude with volleyball) and to dip his words with vinegar until it turns sour. which is why ukai was very surprised when tsukki approached him directly to ask for advice because god knows tsukki isnt the type of person who would openly show himself vulnerable. 

i can’t find the panel right now but i remember his brother mentioning how tsukki spends most of his time cooped up in his room which is a hint for us about his current mind set. he doesnt necessarily push away human interactions, he just keeps a distance. letting tadashi close to him is a feat in itself. but even when you look at tsukki and tadashi walking together, we always see tsukki walking in front most of the time w tadashi following behind him. this is where it gets confusing.but we never know, he might have just gone "hes too pushy i give up". tadashi willingly follows him in the first place and tsukki is strangely comfortable with that, if he wasnt, he would have ceased all interactions with him - aka. ignored him. 

if you look at their relationship from tsukki’s side carefully, it becomes strange. he doesn’t ignore tadashi nor does he make him his lackey. he doesnt push or boss him around, he just lets tadashi do what he wants. tsukki never asks, but he also never gives. they are always shown to be beside each other but not a lot is shown of them talking to each other.  

by going on what ive written above, i think tsukki does give importance to tadashi if only for a little bit…but being the person that he is, he doesnt show it. he probably doesnt know how. he is spoiled by the fact that tadashi is just willing to sit beside him and keep him company. thats why he was surprised to see tadashi lecturing him about his attitude towards volleyball. ive read a post someone made where they summarize all the “fake smiles” - where his eyes looked dead and empty - tsukki had done throughout the story and when tadashi got mad at him, he was actually smiling genuinely. this shows how secure he feels around tadashi. ive said a lot about how tsukki still finds reassurance that volleyball wont hurt him like it did with his brother, so this scene between the two of them is really important because tadashi gave him the answer he was looking for. 

right now we dont see a lot of them together (in the manga) because they are both busy improving their volleyball and that is the focus. also, tsukki is going through his “self-aware journey into being less of a tsun and more of a dere” ever so slowly so its a gradual change. and thats the important part, hes “changing”. 

ps. i think the charm for tsukiyama for me is the loyalty and patience of tadashi for someone like tsukki. the thought of him being a catalyst for giving tsukki that reassurance to pursue what he loves at the same time being beside him when things get rough is really beautiful. what makes it even better is the possibility of tadashi achieveing greater things - having the push to improve himself - so that he could stay beside tsukki. to put it simply, tadashi is tsukki’s safety blanket while tsukki is tadashi’s motivation. kinda like that?

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People are too talented sometimes.
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People are too talented sometimes.

|| Yamazaki Sosuke ||

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